There is nearly no application area in the bow and crossbow sport which we were not be confronted in the course of our market present. Due to our extensive experiences, we want all of our colleagues to put the effort according to their ability, individually and in teams.


We are always interested to orientate our product programme according to the versatility of the sport and to form our portfolio: Like user trainings and event creation, more than repairs and tuning up to accessories selection.

Create individual solutions

  • dealer specific defined product arrangements
  • user specific colours combination for arrows
  • use of individual dealer logos on our products
  • special design

Realize special projects

  • realisation of marketing concepts
  • arrange competition pool
  • sports hall design with shooting walls
  • historical material (e.g. string production for historical crossbows and bows)

Spreading the sport

  • Events
  • Trades
  • Sports events
  • Child and youth work
  • Rent program

Expanding, existing, knowledge

  • by means of dealer training
  • specific themes and seminars for user, trainer and dealer
  • close collaboration between industry and provision of product and user information’s
  • cooperation with associations


The processed products produced by us runs trough many areas of the offer programme and allow a quick adjustment on your needs.


Because the packaging dimensions of the industry mostly do not correspondent by the packaging dimensions of the users, the product is repackaged and therefore for the sales usable.


Because of the huge number of products it is not possible for us to submit every single article to a separate test. We select the products carefully before the listing in our programme, test this sporadically ourselves, also use the results of our test protection and carry out within the scope of the quality management over and over again random checks.

Should a quality problem appear after the goods dispatch, we take seriously the communications of our clientele very much, go according to this information we immediately take care of the processing of the process.

Product development & distribution

We consider with pleasure the suggestions of traders and users to improve products or to stimulate the production of new products compared with the producing enterprises oriented to development.

Besides, by the production of own product areas we are be able to rule fast on trend and wishes. The products are sold in Germany and even far beyond the borders of the country.